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Saturday, August 2, 2008

WHEN to send postcards (Submitted Question)

Submitted question from Anne:

Do you have any info on sending out postcards after meeting with agents/ casting directors? I'm not really sure exactly when to send them or why.

TAE responds:

Ah, the postcard. It's one of the most important tools we have as actors to stay in the game, and yet it is one of those tools that actors never know quite how to master... until now!

The most important thing to remember is that a postcard should be sent only when you have something new to share. Sometimes, in the effort to "stay in touch," an actor might send a postcard that simply states, "I just wanted to send you a little postcard to say hello." While it is a very nice message, most casting directors and agents would say that this type of postcard would be a waste of their time (and yours.)

So, when should you send a postcard?

• As a "thank you" note to a casting director or agent after an audition (be specific about what you are thanking them for.)

• To update industry folks about a project you recently booked.

• To let people know about a special skill you've developed (for example, have you recently completed an intensive tap class and now consider yourself advanced? This is something that musical theater folks would want to know!)

• Alert the industry about a show you are in. List the specifics of the show, including full cast, as well as a way for the recipient to get comp tickets.

A few other hints:

• Some have asked about using envelopes. In my opinion, envelopes are not necessary. (This is one place where you can save your money!)

• I'd suggest only sending postcards to people you have met in person.

• Be sure to keep your address book updated. People change offices all the time, and you want to make sure everyone's contact information is correct before sending out postcards.

• Less is more- don't crowd the card with too much information.

• Write neatly- and if you don't have neat writing, type up the information and either print directly on the postcard, or print on a label to stick to the postcard later.

When learning the marketing side of our career, almost more important than the "How" is the "Why." The "How" is very easy to go over on a website, but the "Why" is something best done one-on-one. So, why not consider a coaching session with TAE?

Contact me to set up your free consultation (NYC actors- we'll do it over coffee. Those outside NYC- we can do everything by phone!)

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