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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Amazing news for NYC television actors

I just found out that “Ugly Betty“ (which is set in NYC )will finally be coming back to NYC to shoot its upcoming seasons. This show started in NYC with its pilot (and with a mostly NY cast), but once it was picked up it was moved to Los Angeles for shooting. This is fantastic news for NY middle-class actors, who will now have a better shot at the guest star and smaller co-sta roles which usually go to ”local“ actors.

Read about the move at The Hollywood Reporter.

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Anonymous said...

How would I got about auditiong for tv shows it kind of makes it hard because I have two small children and live two hours from the city on Long Island.

Erin Cronican said...

This is a great question- I will go ahead and answer it in a separate post, which I hope to get up today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how news can be good or bad based on a little thing like geography. There was quite an uproar here on the left coast when Ugly Betty announced it was leaving for NYC.

You can read more about it here:

Erin Cronican said...

Yeah, well I'd say they need to just pipe down! =)

Many, many a show shoots the pilot in NYC and then defects to the left coast. It is nice to see that we can entice some of them back. I do hope that your governor puts some incentives in place- if producers want to shoot in LA they should be able to do so, and I think that incentives should be in place to keep them there. But if they want to shoot in NYC I want them here too.

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