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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Submitted Question: Meeting with Agents

S.S. writes (in a 2 part question):

I did a network seminar with a voiceover agent- she gave me direction and had me re-read my piece. Then we talked a bit and she said she would definitely listen to my demo. She asked why I hadn't sent out my demo yet since it was ready in June '07. My answer was that I had gotten wrapped up in looking for legit work, but that I'm definitely ready to go full force now as I start the new year.
Do you think there's a better way to answer? There are a few reasons I could have used, such as, a) looking for legit work; b) it was the summer and I had been working full force in theatre for roughly 1.5 years; c) definitely a little fear; or d) i did a show from sept-november and then it was the holidays.

TAE answers:

First of all, congrats on your seminar - I am thrilled that you got some positive feedback! Personally, I think you gave a great answer. There is nothing wrong with focusing on another division of your career, and I am glad you spun it the way you did. Answers A & B are both with regard to focusing on legit work, so I'd say stick with those and leave out the fear and rehearsal stuff. You can also say something like, “I wasn’t as familiar with your agency back then, but I recently did some research and really liked what I learned about you. So, here I am!” Keeping the focus on why you are with them NOW will help steer the conversation into what you ARE doing, rather than what you didn’t do.

S.S. continues:

Another question- I did my voiceover with a teacher who is now back as an agent with a well known agency -- and I honestly haven't asked him to represent me. If I send him a note, should I include my demo since he was the one who produced it? Also, how would I answer other's questions about why this agent isn't representing me (since he produced my demo?)

TAE answers:

I think you should definitely submit to this agent and ask for a meeting about representation. Let him know that you had been focusing on your legit career, and now you are starting 2008 ready to develop your voiceover career. And definitely send him your demo, even though he created it. You want to make it as easy as possible to bring you in. 

As far as why you hadn't signed with him- as you know, just because he created your demo doesn't mean he is going to rep you. He may not have been looking for your type at the time, or he may have wanted a more seasoned voiceover artist. Either way, if you were asked about that from an outside party, I would stick with your first answer about pursuing legit work. You completed your demo, but then legit opportunities came up, and you decided to pursue those fully instead of pursuing voiceover representation. That should be enough of an answer. 

I think in this case, "less is more" when answering questions like this. Not being signed by the agent or not sending you demo to the seminar agent have nothing to do with your skills or talents, nor does it have anything to do with non-acting related circumstances. So, I don't think you should have to worry too much about what to say- a short and sweet explanation just like you gave should do the trick. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. Congrats again, and good luck!

Erin Cronican
The Actors' Enterprise

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