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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Accentuate the Positive

Sometimes it’s important to share the good news of others to motivate and inspire your readers- so that is just what I am going to do!

One of my students, Jen, writes:

ERIN ERIN ERIN! Tonight went SO well! My monologue wasn't needed--he wanted film sides--so I chose a scene from "Garden State." I felt that, even though I'm NOT like Natalie Portman, I still have my 3 key ACE words that fell strongly in line with her character. The reading went so well, and felt really great, and I felt very prepared in the Q&A with Peter! He was SO friendly and seemed interested, intrigued and entertained. Thank you SO much for the prep work! I was nervous for my first seminar, but was SO pleased with The Network, and your recommendation on their behalf as well as our work together made tonight a success! Go Team Jen!

The event she spoke of was a networking seminar at The Network, which consisted of a Q&A with the guest (casting director with a big company in New York) and then performing material for evaluation. These types of seminars are controversial, at best, but when used correctly can really make a difference to actors who are looking to expand their circle of relationships. I work with my students to help manage their expectations- we discuss the best ways to take advantage of events of this kind, and make sure that we stretch their dollar the farthest. Actors are pulled in all kinds of different directions financially, so we strive to make every penny count.

Do you have any questions about networking seminars/meet & greets? Leave a comment or email me and I will respond in an upcoming post!

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