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Monday, May 5, 2008

Some info on Celebrity Actor Salaries

Based on my web statistics, I know a lot of people have found this blog via search engines by inquiring about topics such as salary stats for actors and deferred pay. Obviously, payment for acting skills and talent is a hot topic and I am committed to bringing you information as it becomes available.

So, when I saw this blog (linked below) by my friends at Abundance Bound, I knew I had to repost it. It is an interesting look at how star power is viewed in terms of box office dollars, and how the economy (and even the tabloids) have such a heavy hand in determining the value of being a “box office draw.”

I know that some actors shy away from “business” talk, especially this kind, because they think that it doesn’t really apply to them on the level that they are at. But if actors plan to make any kind of money at this profession they each need to keep an eye on the “big” guys, because it has its trickle down effect. This same trend that is causing stars to “fumble” at the box office is the same trend that is causing such trouble for middle class actors in getting their quote.

(Regarding actor quotes, in October 2006 at a public hearing with the FCC, SAG stated: "As actors, we find the continued consolidation of media companies has drastically limited our ability to individually bargain our personal services agreements. Every working actor has a “quote,” the amount of money you get for a guest starring role, etc. It’s each actor’s “market value.” There is no such thing as getting your quote anymore. Like the oligarchy that they are, the networks decide what the top-of-show rates are, in a parallel practice. Some networks will even tell you they only pay 50% of the going rate. Take it or leave it. This salary compression cripples the middle class actor’s ability to make a living...")

So, by understanding how the film industry views box office vs star power (among other things) we can better plan our careers and feel more in control of our artistic destinies. It seems like a cliche to say so, but knowledge IS power. This is your career, your livelihood, your dream. You CAN make it happen. And I applaud you for reading blogs like this and taking that extra step to make your dream a reality.

(Thanks, Miata, for bringing this article to my attention!): Abundance Bound- Celebrity’s Money & Salaries

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Erin!

I look forward to your take on the SAG negotiations as they move forward. I hope for all our sakes that a strike can be avoided!

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