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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great blog about Casting and Actors

I just learned about this great blog from The Actor’s Voice which is chronicling the process a writer/producer is going through to get a film made. Right now there are in the casting process, and the producer is blogging about his time in the audition room working with actors. It is fascinating!

Part of this blog post that intrigues me is that the producer talks about the skill of listening that an actor should exhibit when in the audition room. I also liked his views on the actor taking the time they need to give a polished performance (particularly when given adjustments.) Hopefully by reading industry blogs of this kind you can begin to see that there are only a few things that an actor can control and so many other factors that we can’t. Problem is, we focus on everything we cannot control (will we be “right” for the part, for example) and gloss over the things we CAN control (being prepared, being present when in the room, etc.) Working with a good coach (especially one well versed in the “business” side of the business, like me!) can go a long way to weeding through the BS so you can focus on that things that you really have power over. Imagine if you could let all of that other stuff go- auditioning could actually be fun (take my word for it- it is!)

Anyway, I highly recommend reading this blog post and then reading all of the others. Take a look at it here.

And, thanks to Bonnie for letting us know about it!

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Anonymous said...

I love how much emphasis you place on controlling the things you can control.

As a producer and director, I so often see talented actors that I don't cast for a variety of different reasons, none of which can be controlled by the actor! Things like being too tall or too short or the wrong ethnicity, or just "not right" for a part. As long as the actor is prepared and talented, that always makes a positive impression with me even when they don't get cast!

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