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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Discrimination against plus-size actors

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to an article she wrote for Plus Model Magazine, talking about some recent casting calls requesting plus size women and the context of the casting. I think this article puts an important spotlight on the industry and here's my questions- at which point does comedy or freedom of speech turn into discrimination and keeping prejudice alive?

Jennifer Jonassen has an intimate style of writing which makes her an everyman's hero. Click here to read the article.

And click here for another article by Jennifer:

Now, if we could only get some writers out there to create GOOD roles for this type category!

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Anonymous said...

I agree! I had a disastrous audition for "Beauty and the Beast" where I was not given a chance to audition for the lead. I knew I was not going to get it, but I had a feeling I wasn't being asked because there was no way I could fit into the dress. And what's even more hurtful about it is that I knew the director would NEVER do that to anyone in previous productions. Instead, I kept getting pushed towards a role I didn't want and she couldn't see how hurt I was by this. Ultimately, I had to leave the production due to work, but I was still hurt. I wanted that chance because just like Belle, I wasn't treated well by others most of my life. They talked about me instead of to me and thought they had me all figured out. So after a long time of agonizing, I just went and videotaped myself reading for that part to show EVERYONE that it shouldn't matter what someone looks like to give them a fair chance.

Sure, I do like to play the bad guy, but not given a chance at other roles because of what I look like is just FRUSTRATING. I may be trying to lose weight so I can stop this from happening, but for now, I'm refusing to support negative stereotypes. Even when I reach my ideal weight, I'm still refusing to do that. Society is getting worse because we keep thinking it's OKAY. And it's NOT.

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